Religious Education 4 is the final course of the Theology Program. The course brings the Theology Program to a close by presenting students with the challenge of participating in the thrust of the Church's vision of social justice in the world and in the Philippines.

The course introduces students to a systematic study of the Church's social commitment  from a theological perspective. The course introduces the students to the pastoral cycle as a method of theologizing, as well as focusing on a social and cultural analysis of the Philippine situation in the light of the Second Plenary Council of the the Philippines and Second Vatican Council. through this Catholic social vision, the students are invited to respond to Philippine problems related to business, science and technology, ecology and gender, politics and governance -  in accordance with the students' areas of concern and interest. These efforts are hoped to deepen the students' spirituality of social transformation founded on a faith committed to social justice and liberation in the Philippines and world today.


1. Articulate the social reality of sin, within the Philippine and world context and history;

2. Relate this picture to the call for social justice within the vision of the Church of the Poor, in the light of the Biblical vision of justice and Catholic Social Teaching; and,

3, Design initiatives that can create ripples of social change through concrete grassroots efforts.